Welcome to Metal Headbanger's

Welcome to our new site, we will be updating often. 2010 is going to be a big year for us, hang on for the ride.

We will be talking about, listening to and enjoying the best music to this day... METAL! There are a few genre's of metal and all are welcome here.

No rap is allowed here, they have their own site, but I dont care for that.

Too many of the bands that the "popular" radio stations play and consider good arent really all that good, in fact most of them are 3 chord wonder boys, and most of them all sound the same, and it is getting very boring, Most of the GOOD bands never get the radio play because they dont have high dollar labels and expensive agents.

This site it to help give those bands more recognition and to open people eyes to what REAL music should sound like, not the cookie cutter garbage that you hear on the radio stations day after day.

Be proud and hold your horns up high! \m/

Horns Up




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